June 06, 2023

Flexible working

Whether you’re hiring or applying – a little bit of flexibility goes a long way! Flexible working is high on every candidate’s list of requirements but what does that really mean and how important is it for both employer and candidate to be flexible in order to secure a great…
November 16, 2020

In conversation with Helen Joy

Helen is a training professional spanning 20 years. She is a director at ANPR Consulting and also People Spark who provide training solutions and leadership development. Helen believes that great managers create great teams, and that too many businesses leave their management training to chance. Tom - Helen, thanks for…
October 13, 2020

Tom Waddell in Conversation with Steve Jack - November 2020

Steve Jack is MD of Team Support Staff Ltd which also trades as Margaret Hodge Recruitment in Scotland, recruitment agencies covering a range of services from offices across the UK. Tom - Steve, thanks for taking to time to chat with me about your services. Tell me in a few…
October 13, 2020

Tom Waddell in Conversation with Chris Black – October 2020

Chris is founder and owner of specialist hospitality and leisure recruiter Ellis Mack. Chris is a qualified chef and his depth of knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry made him the natural choice to speak with about the impact on the industry due to Covid-19. Tom - Chris, thanks…
October 08, 2020

In Conversation with Alan Crockert - September 2020

Tom - Alan, thanks for taking to time to chat with me about your services. Tell me in a few words what it is you offer to businesses. Alan – I use my background of running businesses to help owners achieve their goals, through objective support and direction. Tom -…
October 02, 2020

Tom Waddell in Conversation with Martyn Redstone – October 2020

Martyn is an experienced recruiter with more than a passing interest in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) within the recruitment process, he has had numerous articles published on these subjects in both the industry recruitment press and the wider tech industry. With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment…
September 17, 2020


When people think about outsourcing in recruitment many immediately consider it to be only for large, complex businesses with contracts worth millions, it is typically known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and involves a business transferring all or part of its recruitment process to an external partner, whilst it is…
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